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The right approach (and partner) makes all the difference...

With all of the different kinds of cyber threats businesses are facing today, understanding how to address these has never been more critical. Computer scans are not the answer. Compliance is not the answer either (you do know that Compliance does not equal Security right?). You need a better answer.

The answer begins with developing a deep understanding of your business objectives, analyzing your unique blend of security threats, defining your risk appetite, reviewing your current capabilities and moving forward with strategies, plans and investments that are appropriate to these elements. And it starts at the top; you need to drive cybersecurity from the top of your organization and get out of the reactionary mode too often associated with security breaches and incidents.

Stridium Cybersecurity Advisors offers strategic information security consulting advice to help our clients deal with their most complex, high-priority cyber challenges, allowing them to move faster and with more confidence. Our expert analysts work with you to understand, prioritize, and manage cybersecurity with a keen eye on balancing your business objectives and your risks, all while addressing the issues of today and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Protect and secure all of your

critical business functions

> 1 %
% of Small Businesses Experienced Cyber Attack
> %
% of Attacks Targeting Small Businesses
% of Small and Medium Businesses Going Out of Business After A Cyber Attack
> %
% of Employees Leave Their Computers Unsecured
Source: National Cyber Security Alliance


We can help you in a lot of areas.  Here’s just a few to get you started…


Strategic Advice

It's not rocket science but your security program still needs a strong strategic plan with proper improvements and careful spending.


Compliance Reviews

Compliance used to be easy. If HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, NIST, and ISO aren't terms you know and live everyday, you probably need to contact us asap.


Threat Management

Dealing with both physical and online threats has never been more difficult for companies. You need the right tools, the right processes, the right people and the right plan.


Forensic Services

Testing your defenses, both physical and cyber, for weaknesses so you can fix them before the bad guys find them.


Risk Assessments

What better way to find out where there are weaknesses than to have the experts examine everything?


Incident Response Preparation

You wouldn't run a marathon race without training right? Don't try to handle a major security incident without training either.


Virtual CISO

You want the best security leader you can get but don't want to invest the $$$. We can do anything from a few hours per month to a full-time outsourced CISO.


CISO Training

Your candidate + our hand's on proven training methodology = the best CISO you can find. Who better than your best internal candidate?

Our cybersecurity and privacy consulting services focus on our
clients' most critical issues and opportunities

A few testimonials...(and we love our clients too)...

“With all of today’s threats, a strong security posture and practice is a must and Stridium Cybersecurity Advisors has been an essential part of our organization’s overall security strategy. Stridium Cybersecurity Advisors has provided the level of professionalism and expertise we expected out of an IT security software firm.”

– Richard J Dominguez, Director of IT, Pechanga Resort & Casino

“The Stridium team provided tireless effort to help our team assure optimal compliance with a wide variety of enterprise security controls. We have been impressed by their broad scope of expertise, from HIPAA to PCI to general data integrity, they cover it all. Without Stridium, our security management would not be as robust…they have positively influenced our culture and our people!”

– Scott Jens, OD, FAAO, CEO, Rev360

“In our IT risk and compliance related engagement with Mike Gabriel, we’ve found him to be knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in assisting us to meet our objectives. Additionally, Mike is very personable and easy to work with. In the end, we met our objectives and would fully recommend him and his work to all prospective clients.”

– Tom Drez, CIO/CPO/CSO/Managing Director, Christian Brothers Services

Not sure how to get started with all of this? You're not alone...

Many of our clients are not sure how to approach cybersecurity and privacy.  For them, we offer our StridiumPCR methodology.  Start with basic strategic and tactical planning, figure out how to meet your compliance requirements and create a response capability that is regularly tested. This generally addresses the most critical needs first. Contact us to learn more.


We work with you to:

  • Determine your current security risks
  • Identify which regulations and obligations apply to you
  • Evaluate your third party security risk management program
  • Create a realistic security strategy and roadmap
  • Help you understand how your security program compares to others
  • Reduce your risks through prioritized recommendations for improvement


We will assist you to:

  • Understand how your overall security program and risks compares to similar organizations
  • Assess your organization’s compliance against government regulations and contractual obligations
  • Identify new business opportunities and competitive advantages through security compliance
  • Receive prioritized recommendations for improvements


We will help you:

  • Build or improve your incident response policy, plans and playbooks
  • Increase and measure your readiness to respond to an incident
  • Identify better manual processes or automated platforms for handling and reporting events
  • Regularly test and measure your incident response capability
  • Trend and improve your incident response plans over time

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